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The ABA's Best Are Coming to the Lou! - February 26, 2021


After being cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ABA will crown a champion in 2021 when the Final Eight Championship Weekend returns to St. Louiis April 15-18, 2021.  


The weekend will begin with the Allstar Game and Skills Challenge including a SLAM DUN K & 3pt competition on Thursday, April 15th at the James E. Eagen Center in Florissant, MO.  The Final 8 teams will return to the Eagen Center on Friday for the first round of the tournament.  The teams will be hosted by the St. Louis Spirits and will feature the winners of the 6 ABA Divisions and the #1 ranked team in the ABA Power Rankings.  These 8 teams will compete in a single elimination tournament.  On Saturday, the Final Four teams will move to the Lutheran High School of St. Charles County.  Finally the winners will face off on Sunday afternoon to crown the 2021 champions of the ABA.


Because of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, in-person attendance will be limited but we will have an international Pay-Per-View broadcast of the entire weekend that can be viewed at  Watch for more details of this championship tournament #likenoother and be sure to be a part of it.



zingo aba_image no back Devin

#3 Ryan Hill

2017-18 MVP

#23 Justin Sims

2018 - 19 MVP


#2 Martavian Payne

2019-20 MVP

ABA Final 8 Flyer - Florissant copy

1.  Jacksonville Giants 11-0    SE

2.  Chicago Fury 14-1    NC

3.  North Alabama War Dawgs 13-1   SE

4.  Southwest Desert Cats   12-0  Pac

5.  Team Trouble 11-1   Pacific

6.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 14-2  NC

7.  Columbus Blackhawks 14-2  SE

8.  Delaware Snipers 9-0  MA

9.  Atlanta Storm 11-2   SE

10. Nassau County Pride 10-2   SE

11. Chula Vista Suns 9-2   Pac

12. Indiana Lyons 12-4   NC

13. Las Vegas Royals 9-3  Pac

14. Midwest Guardians 9-4  NC

15. St. Louis Spirits 8-4  SC

16. NEPA Stars & Stripes 8-4  MA

17. Tampa Bay Fury 7-2  SE

18.  Southwest Warriorss  9-1  SE

19. Orange County Novastars 8-5  Pac

20. Chicago Knights 8-5 NC

21. South Phoenix Knights 8-5 Pac

22. Ohio Bruins 6-4  NC

23. Georgia Gwizzlies 7-5  SE

24. Delco Desperados 5-4  MA

25. Hi Desert Pumas 7-5  Pac


Final 2021

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